Sunday school

“Properly organized schools are gardens where infant souls are grown and nurtured. The care and spiritual nourishment of the early life of human plant usually determines its later development”
Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda formed the first SRF Sunday Schools in the 1940s for the purpose to inspire children to seek God, to love Him above all else, and to share that love with all.

They will come to understand that security and inner peace is found through an inner relationship with God, not through the ‘the things of the world’. The children thus learn at an early age how to live a happy, balanced life by bringing God into their daily activities, and developing a personal relationship with Him through meditation.

Sunday School classes are usually held on the first Sunday of each  month from September to June. Sunday School times:

  • Children (age 6 to 11):  Junior Sunday School – 11.15 a.m to 12.15 noon
  • Youths  (age 12 to 17): Senior Sunday School – 10.00 noon to 11.00 pm

Registration forms for attending the SRF Sunday School are available in the information area in our  bookroom.