Monthly Support Donation Initiative

Thank you all for your enthusiastic and generous support for our Monthly Support Donation Initiative. As you will recall, we have had a significant drop in our monthly income since we have had to cancel our in person Meditations and services – even though most of our fixed costs remain the same (rent, telephone,
insurance, utilities, etc.)

Our goal was to get our monthly income up to $4000 per month and to have at least 80 members who have pledged monthly donations. We are pleased to share with you that in less than two weeks we now have 18 new monthly supporters totalling $974 additional income per month. 

If you haven’t done so yet you can join this drive by giving a monthly amount that can be charged to your credit card. Whether it is $5 or $200 per month, your contribution and demonstration of support will be most appreciated. And it will contribute to Master’s work here in Toronto. Please use this link if you want to donate online: