Toronto Yogoda Meditation Centre By-Law Change

During the last General Membership Meeting held on May 24, the members unanimously voted in favour of changing the by-law allowing future meetings to be conducted entirely online. The wording of the resolution complies with the requirements of the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

  1. BE IT RESOLVED that Section 4.08 of the by-laws of Toronto Yogoda Meditation Centre be changed to read as follows:

If the directors or members of the Corporation call a meeting of members pursuant to the Act, those directors or members, as the case may be, may determine that the meeting shall be held, in accordance with the Act and the Regulations, entirely by means of a telephonic, electronic or other communication facility that permits all participants to communicate adequately with each other during the meeting.

In favour:  48          In opposition:  0           Abstain:  0