108 Day Fasting Marathon

Thanks for joining us in this blessed journey of 108 Day of Fasting Marathon to raise funds towards the Toronto Centre of SRF!

1. No meat or eggs on the day of fast.
2. Pray for a Place of Our Own – Toronto Centre
3. Tell us which day or days you will be fasting
4. If you would like to share what type of fast – examples so far falahar ( fruits and milk products), or only raw foods once a day or media fast or vow of silence or gluten free fasting. You can make your own rules but stick to what you pledge.
5. Get a sponsor. Any amount is good! Donate below
6. Enjoy and share any experiences you have ask your friends or family to join as well.

A donation receipt will be issued for the donated amount to all participants. Additionally, you can help raise funds by asking your co-workers, friends and family to sponsor you. Donations for $20 or more will be issued a tax receipt.

This is not an official Toronto Centre of SRF event. This is organized by individual devotees to support the centre and help themselves in their spiritual journey

108 Day Fasting Marathon

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